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For the curious out there, I guess I should really tell you a little something about me, so here goes...

I'm Alexander Legg, a 3D environment artist based in the lovely 'seaside' town of Portsmouth, I have a degree in Computer Animation along with many years experience within the industry. My main tools of choice are generally Maya, 3DS Max, Photsoshop, Mudbox, Unreal Ed and Crazybump. I am also a dab hand with those archaic arts of drawing and painting. In my free time I'm either on my PS3, working on freelance projects, or trying to capture on paper the crazed images of my imagination.

My current 'day job' is a 3D environment artist for a company called Rockwell Collins. I help to develop the visuals for their commercial flight simulators, which usually means modeling and texturing an airport and the surrounding environment. The sims are used to train professional pilots (yep that's right, the same ones that fly you away on your hols!), so the quality, accuracy and realism is of utmost importance in my models, as is making sure that the technical side works just as it should, whilst still maintaining that silky smooth frame rate.

So make yourself a nice cuppa, relax and enjoy browsing my portfolio, and if you feel compelled to contact me, then please feel free to drop me an




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