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Ruined Well Concept

This is my first attempt at concept art, created in Photoshop. I wanted to design my next project to illustrate as many of the techniques and processes that I have learnt.

The well was originally constructed in medieval times, as is evident from the architecture. It has seen some tough times, showing a lot of ware and tear, and appears to have suffered battle damage judging by the bullet holes and broken bricks. It has long since been left to ruin, and now ivy is creeping up a pillar and plants are growing in the cracks. But wait! Are those recent scrape marks leading into the well? And the steps going into the hole in the wall appear to be very well worn, almost as if it is still being used regularly...

The idea is that the well appears old and ruined, but has been used for a long time by an alien race as an entrance to their base. The well shaft will have a lift fitted to it, their futuristic technology will be augmented with the ancient architecture of the well. Pieces of their technology will be seen running up the pillars, with clamps digging into the brick. From a distance this will just look like our everyday infrastructure technology. I am currently working on the concept art for this sci-fi element of the design, so it is not shown here.

I like this notion as it allows me to work with two genres, sci-fi and fantasy, whilst hopefully giving me the opportunity to prove my skills. It'll allow me to model hard and organic objects and utilize the following maps: colour, normal, specular, gloss, parallax, alpha, emissive and reflection. I also plan to show vertex blending, decals and create LODs.

Runed Well



These are pillars that I created using 3DS Max, Mudbox and Photoshop to test a new pipeline.

The low res pillar has 1500 polys or 2000 tris and has diffuse, normal and specular maps at 1024 resolution.

The pillars were based on Eat3D's tutorial.


Pillars Unreal 1

In game screen shots from Unreal


Pillars 3DS Max

3DS Max shots, showing high res and low res comparisions


Pillar Maps

The diffuse, normal, specular and occulsion maps



This is the first object from a high street level that is under construction. The main purpose of this bin was to test my pipeline before starting full production.



This is a real time shot, from within Unreal. I modelled the rubbish bin in Maya, with Photoshop for texturing.



These images show the model construction within Maya and the texture, normal and specular maps.


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These images are in-game shots from a fully functional level I made in Unrealed, whilst learning the software. Its based on tutorials and uses exisiting elements.

I'm currently building a level from scratch, using models that I have created with Maya, Mudbox and Photoshop. View WIP

Watch the video


Unreal 1

A shot of a generator, with moving steam and weapon pick ups


Unreal 2

A view from across the level


Unreal 3

A shot of moving water

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Unreal images are taken from the Unrealed software.