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This is 'in-game' footage of a level that I built using Unreal Editor and following tutorials. The level features working doors, lifts, portals, pick ups as well as effects such as steam and water. This was a test project to increase my knowledge of Unrealed and to try out my pipeline. Currently underway is a much bigger project to create a shopping precinct level from scratch, using Maya, Z-Brush, and Photoshop. You can view my progress here.


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This is a showcase video of my Berbil model. The idea was to reveal the model gradually, teasing the viewer and creating some mystery and intrigue. For those of you wondering what on (Third) Earth a Berbil is, it's a kind of robot bear from that classic of 80's cartoons, Thundercats.


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This is a nationwide TV ad for Red Funnel Ferries. I worked as a freelance artist for my good friends over at Krunch Studio. I contributed to several parts of the ad, including the modelling and animation of the boy, the sea and the horse.